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600 – 1,000 sq/ft
30 – 50 Person Capacity

Monthly Operating Expenses: $1,800 – $2,200

Rent: $600 – $1,000
Utilities: $200
Supplies: $1,000

Startup Costs = $37,048


Custom Bar







Liquor Shelves

Armana 3T4 4′ Three Tier LED Liquor Bottle Display

$609 2 $1,218
Stemware Racks

18″ x 48″ Brass Wire Bar Glass Rack

$36 4 $164

Underbar Hand Sink Unit, Free Standing, 12″w

Glastender TSA-84-S 84″ 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Sink










Glastender GT-18 Underbar Glasswasher, 18″W, Stainless

$3,728 1 $3,728

Glastender DBA-24 19″ Underbar 24″ Drainboard

$395 1 $395

Metalfrio Solutions MBB-24-72G 72″ Undercounter Bar Cooler

Krowne BC48-BG – 48″ Black Vinyl Slide Top Bottle Cooler






Beverage-Air DD94-1-S Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler | 5 Keg

$3,684 2 $7,368
Draft Beer Tower

Bridge Tee Draft Beer Tower, Countertop, 32″w X

$1,491 1 $1,491
Soda Guns

Soda Gun Holder, 6″w X 24″d X 21-1/2″h,

$264 1 $264
Ice Machine

Hoshizaki IM-500SAA Stackable Square Cube Ice Machine

$3,640 1 $3,640
Ice Bins

Advance Tabco PRC-19-36R-10 Bar Ice Bin

$1,536 1 $1,536
Speed Rail

Glastender SSR-36 36″ Stainless Steel Single Speed Rail

$96 2 $192
Blender Station W/ Drainboard

Glastender DBSA-18 18″ x 24″ Drainboard Blender Station

$440 1 $440

Hamilton Beach HBH450R – Bar Blender – 48 oz. Tango

$311 2 $622
Citrus Juicer

Norpro 523 Citrus Juice Press in Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Press Orange Manual Citrus Juicer

$20$60 11 ($80)$20


Cocktail Shakers

Alpine 6070 Stainless Steel 5-Piece Cocktail Martini Set

$18 3 $54
Wine Opener

Smart Touch Wine Opener

LCM Home Fashions, Inc. Classic Lever Wine Opener

$14$26 22 ($80)$28


Bottle Opener

WebstaurantStore Logo Flat Bottle Opener

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Bar Beer Bottle Opener

$2$3 55 ($25)$10


Bottle Pourers

Spill-Stop 285-51 Chrome Tapered Pourer – Dozen

$13 2 $26
Ice Tongs

American Metalcraft ICETNG Ice Tongs

$6 4 $24
Ice Scoop

Thunder Group Scoop Aluminum , 38 oz (Case of 12)

$6 2 $12
Garnish Tool Set

Messermeister 9 Piece Garnishing Tool Set

$60 1 $60
Garnish Trays

6 Compartment Condiment Holder & Bar Garnish Tray with Lid

$27 1 $27
Bar Caddy

Winco BC-6 Black Bar Caddy with 6 Compartments

$3 5 $15
Beer Glasses

Libbey Craft Brews Belgian Ale Glasses – 4 count, 16.6 oz

6 Libbey 15oz Hourglass Pilsner Beer Glasses Set 1183

American Pint Glass, Set of 6 | Bar Glasses












Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses Set of 12

Lenox Tuscany Classics 4 Pieces Burgundy Wine Glass Set

Chef & Sommelier 46973 Cabernet 12 oz Tall Wine Glass – 24












Cocktail Glasses

Core 9.25 oz. Cocktail Glass – 12 / Case

$24 5 $120
Shot Glasses

LIBBEY INC. 1 Oz Whiskey Fluted Shot Glass Case/48

Cardinal Arcoroc H5057 1.75 oz. Shot Glass 72 / Case









Bar Tables

Winsome Wood 20123 Obsidian Round Pub Table in Black

$82 10 $820
Bar Stools

Flash Furniture Bar Stool Swivel Bucket Seat XU-F-125-GG

$58 20 $1,160
Cash Register

Royal TS1200MW Touchscreen Cash register

$600 1 $600
Credit Card Machine

VeriFone Omni 3750 Credit Card Terminal

$199 1 $199