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Space Proposals

This is the preliminary proposal for Open Space. There are general project areas being proposed such as: a performance center, educational center, media production studio, arts and crafts studio, health and wellness center, garden and greenhouse, and housing and lodging.

3 ways to go about creating Open Space:

Option 1 – Create separate spaces that focus on one or multiple projects

Option 2 – Create a space on a smaller scale that can facilitate a modest mix of most of the projects

Option 3 – Go all the way and create a space that incorporates all of the projects in one state of the art facility

The site plan will be created based upon the needs and interests of all members and the collective purchasing power of the Open Space cooperative.

Also there may be other projects and proposals that can be added to the list. If you have an idea let us know and we will add it to the list so that we can all work together to accomplish our goals. Open Space is a way to facilitate community projects and provides a framework to build purchasing power by working as a cooperative.

Open Space Project Areas

Performance Center
Video Studio
Audio Studio
Photo Studio1-5-photo-studio-0 Radio Studio
Rehearsal Space
Art Studioart-studio Crafts Studio
crafts studio
Industrial Crafts Studio
Glass Blowing Studio
Electronics Studio
Print Shop
Computer Lab
Conference Room
Library / Bookstore
Dressing Room / Salon
Dance / Yoga Studio
Exercise Room
Healing Center / Spa
Cafe / Juice Bar
Gift Shop gift-shop
 Child Care

Open Space Preliminary Budget Proposal:

This is the preliminary budget proposal for Open Space. These figures represent a basic estimate for the start up costs and monthly operating expenses for each area of the space. There is also a general estimate of the square footage required for each area of the space, and the occupant capacity.

The official budget for Open Space will be developed by all members in an open, transparent, and participatory process. Each area of the space will have a development team composed of members interested in that particular project. Development teams will work together to determine the essential startup costs, operating expenses, and space design for each area.

Based upon the needs, interests, and vote of all Open Space members we can cooperatively develop a budget that is optimal for success.

Total Startup Costs = $489,244

Total Monthly Operating Expenses: $22,990 – $33,840

Total sq/ft: 16,350 sq/ft – 28,500 sq/ft

Total Occupancy: 1,025 – 1,770 Person Capacity

AREA Sq/Ft Occupancy Monthly Operating Costs Startup Costs
Performance Center 2,500 – 4,000 350 – 550 $3,220 – $4,720 $35,704
Video Studio 1,000 – 2,000 50 – 100 $1,520 – $2,520 $66,985
Photography Studio 400 – 900 20 – 50 $800 – $1,300 $37,090
Radio Studio 300 – 500 15 – 25 $400 – $600 $24,872
Audio Studio 400 – 900 20 – 50 $800 – $1,300 $54,908
Rehearsal Studio 200 – 400 10 – 20 $300 -$500 $15,326
Art Studio 500 -1,000 25 – 50 $900 – $1,400 $12,376
Crafts Studio 1,500 – 3,000 50 – 100 $1,700 – $3,200 $32,245
Glass Blowing Studio 500 – 1,000 25 – 50 $600 – $1,100 $18,501
Industrial Crafts Studio 500 – 1,000 25 – 50 $600 – $1,100 $25,894
Electronics Studio 500 – 1,000 25 – 50 $600 – $1,100 $11,349
Printing Studio 250 – 500 15 – 30 $650 – $900 $5,890
Computer Lab 500 – 1,000 25 – 50 $600 – $1,100 $26,299
Library 500 – 1,000 25 – 50 $600 – $1,100 $14,218
Office 400 – 900 20 – 50 $800 – $1,300 $21,263
Conference Room 1,000 – 1,500 75 – 100 $1,100 – $1,600 $10,013
Dressing Room / Salon 300 – 800 20 – 40 $700 – $1,200 $5,224
Exercise Room 400 – 800 20 – 40 500 – 900 $4,359
Dance / Yoga Studio 900 50 $1,000 $7,865
Healing Center 800 – 1,200 40 – 60 $1,000 – $1,400 $14,934
Kitchen 400 – 700 15 – 30 $700 – $1,000 $17,851
Cafe / Juice Bar 1,000 – 1,500 50 – 75 $2,300 – $2,800 $34,823
Bar 600 – 1,000 30 – 50 $1,800 – $2,200 $37,847
Gift Shop 500 – 1,000 25 – 50 $600 – $1,100 $8,316
TOTAL OPEN SPACE: 16,350 – 28,500 1,025 – 1,770 $22,990 – $33,840 $489,244