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Our Mission:
The mission of Open Space is to create community spaces around the world that provide essential resources and services to people. These community spaces will operate as a non-for-profit where all revenue being generated is reinvested back into the enterprise and spent according to the direction of all members in a democratic process that is inclusive of all people; ensuring equal ownership, control, and benefits for all.

The concept:
Open Space is a concept for organizing people with shared needs to create community spaces, resources, and services that are mutually owned and democratically controlled by all members. Open Space is presenting an open source investment strategy where people can pool their money, skills, time, and resources in a way that multiplies the total output; benefiting each person individually and also the greater community as a whole. Open Space is creating an alternative economic model where people have a means to invest in community projects where they are equal co-owners and co-benefactors and where the profits are reinvested directly back into the system to provide greater resources and services for everybody.

Problems we address:
Currently there is a lack of community owned spaces where people have access to the resources and services they need. Often times these resources and services are expensive and cost prohibitive; by working individually they are unaffordable and unattainable.

Our solution:
We are offering an investment strategy where people can crowd source money and resources to be invested into community owned spaces that offer equal benefits to all members. By working collaboratively we can afford these expenses and ultimately attain the resources and services we need.

A new economic model:
Open Space is offering a new economic model for investment into community resources and services that provides equal ownership, control, and benefits for all members.

Our current economic system is dominated by private corporations that don’t invest the profits back into the community. Therefore attaining resources and services is often expensive and cost prohibitive to regular people. Collectively we are helping to generate millions of dollars in revenue for these big corporations but none of us actually reap any of the benefits from these profits.

As an alternative, we are on a mission to build co-ops that provide the resources and services we all need so that when we spend our money we are investing into a mutually owned enterprise where the profits are directly reinvested back into the system to further support our individual and collective needs; enabling us to personally reap the benefits of the revenue that is generated.

The organization:
Open Space Global is a non-for-profit corporation that was incorporated in Illinois in 2015. The purpose of the non profit is to help facilitate the creation of projects around the world that embody the spirit and principles of Open Space. Open Space is offering a model that can be used to launch community projects and provides guidance in organizing and managing cooperative initiatives which are directed at helping people gain shared access to essential resources and services. As a labor of love, we are offering a free and open source model that can be customized to fit the specific needs of any community.